Sant Joan in Barcelona, squeeze it to the limit!

by / Tuesday, 20 June 2017 / Published in Cultura, Culture
San Juan en Barcelona

San Juan en Barcelona

The summer has officially arrived, but in Barcelona we wait until the legendary night of San Juan to properly welcome it. What are your plans for tonight? Have you heard of the legend? Today, at Hostemplo we tell you about the shortest night in the year. Join the celebration!

THE VERBENA (party before a holiday):

San Juan’s eve takes place on June 23rd and is one of the most rooted and popular celebrations in Catalonia. Fire, music, dance and coca (cake) play the leading role. In Barcelona, there are many institutions that organize popular street parties with music bands, dance and in some cases, even bonfires.

coca de sant joan


The origins of San Juan’s eve celebration become blurred in time. In pagan times, they used to light bonfires to thank the Sun for its light and heat. At a later stage in history, under the rule of Christianity, this date’s celebration turned into a tribute to Jesus Christ’s baptism (getting also the named as we currently know it).


The most popular ritual of San Juan’s eve is to jump over a bonfire. Legend says that the fire shall protect anyone brave enough to get over the flames. The number of times you are expected to jump varies from place to place (it is usually between seven and nine times). The trick consists of taking an odd number of jumps.

The water, symbol of purity and fertility, also plays a key role. It is said that bathing in the sea on the night of San Juan ensures good health all year through. You must do it naked and going backwards, looking at the moon, and submerge yourself twelve times in a row. Jumping nine waves backwards is believed to increase fertility; and if is it just seven waves instead, negative energies will go away forever.


What do you think about it? Interesting, isn’t it? We could not finish this article without letting you know some ideal plans for tonight.

As you have already seen, if you have a wish, the fire and the water may be your allies, so don’t miss the bonfires and take a dive in the sea, it really feels like it with such a hot weather!

san juan en barcelona


From 22nd to 25th June, the Festa Major of la Marina (Bacchanals of Barcelona‘ for those familiar with it) is back with concerts, shows for kids, and cultural and sports activities. This year there will be a photography contest too. But we are quite greedy, so we’d rather go for the paella contest at Centro Cívico Casa del Rellotge. More info? ? Festa Major de la Marina.


If you are traditional and like enjoying Sant Joan with a good verbena but you hate firecrackers, the verbena at Plaça del Mercat del Guinardó is a good place to spend the weekend. It is not just about getting away from the bang of those loathly little explosive devices (that harass and stress our cats and dogs) but also because they have a varied offer of activities during the whole day. It is also ideal if you have kids: from kids make up workshops, chess, to magic shows or karaoke. A perfect plan for the whole family!


The Passatge de Valeri Serra at l’Eixample hosts one more year the most popular LGTB verbena of Barcelona. This year, it will count on the performance of DJ Pam Pool, DJ Rajah and DJ Balarado. Big party


Multiculturalism is always a plus for any city, and Barcelona has plenty of it. The Cultural Association of Sant Joan entre dos Pobles at El Poble-sec, has already been bringing together the culture of Venezuela and ours. Today, 23rd June, they take the opportunity of Sant Joan’s celebration to show how this fest is celebrates overseas. It is also a great excuse for getting together, chatting and feeling closer to one’s land and traditions.


What do you find more appealing? The most important, both before and after the verbena, is to have a good rest. Do you already have somewhere to stay? You already know that at Hostemplo, we will welcome you with open arms. Let us remind you that if you book through our website, you’ll get free breakfast during your whole stay!