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It has been a long time since we last talked about gastronomy in our blog. And we need to fix that! As you may know, we are big fans of good food. That’s why today, we bring you the 5 most recent culinary hotspots that are all the rage. If you have not read our former articles, have a look at our gastronomy category. Welcome, foodies!  
Pastrami Bar is one of the busiest restaurants in Barcelona. Their delicious pastrami sandwich is the main attraction… but there is much more. Did you know this bar has a hidden secret? If you open a small fridge door, that can be easily unnoticed, you shall find the Paradise, one of the most fascinating cocktail bars in Barcelona. Take good not if you want to surprise someone!

Where? 4, Rera Palau.
Average price: 7 €.

Fismuler Barcelona
Novel novelty, if there ever was one. Apart from the best cheesecake we have tasted in years,, …this restaurant will be a pleasant surprise for you in relation to their great chefs: Nino Redruello, Patxi Zumárraga and Jaime Santianes- who already worked as a trio at elBulli-. Market cuisine with dishes where the main ingredients are good raw materials and doing a good job. It’s ideal for a romantic dinner.
Where? 17, Carrer del Rec Comtal.
Average price: 25/30 €.

medio pinto restaurante barcelona, hotspot barcelona
It’s not been long since they opened and Medio o Pinto is booming. What to expect? Surpirse. It is a perfect mix of the best of Venezuelan cuisine and a good blend of local products. Mixing, as usual, is the best choice: Creativity, art and plenty of love! It’s the perfect place for those chasing new flavors.
Where? 27, Carrer Calvet.
Average price: 20€.

SMART TAPAS: MEDIAMANGA, BARCELONA CENTERMedia manga restaurant Barcelona, hotspot Barcelona
If you like traditional bars, we also have one for you. Mediamanga will tempt you with tapas such as their Russian salad (ideal in summer) or their fish cheeks with ham and green sauce. It’s a “vintage” bar with a cute decoration by Cristina Carulla Studio. It’s ideal to surprise someone special!
Where? Carrer Aribau 13.
Average price: 35€.

chocolate, creppes, blegious, hotspots barcelona
We do not forget that on 7th July it is Chocolate’s World Day, so for all chocolate lovers, we have the definitive spot: Belgious!
Belgious is a small place where we can find a large selection of ice creams of surprising flavors in a pure Belgian style. Their waffles and crêpes are presumably one of the best in the city. Their high quality Belgian chocolate also stands out, you should go to Belgious and get a black Belgian chocolate waffle or crêpe!
Where? 17, Avinyó St.
Average price: 10€

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