Top events in Barcelona in 2018

Monday, 29 January 2018 by
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At Hostemplo, we love to make the best of your stay. Today, with the year barely beginning, we have made a selection of events that we believe you shouldn’t miss this year. Do you want to know about the best festivals? Are you a fashion victim who does not miss a single catwalk? On a

San Juan en Barcelona

The summer has officially arrived, but in Barcelona we wait until the legendary night of San Juan to properly welcome it. What are your plans for tonight? Have you heard of the legend? Today, at Hostemplo we tell you about the shortest night in the year. Join the celebration! THE VERBENA (party before a holiday):

Do you like to dress up? Today we will talk about Carnival at Hostemplo; have you heard much about this celebration? We will give you some tips to celebrate Carnival in Barcelona…and also in Sitges! This year, Carnival – carnestoltes in Catalan-, takes place between February 23rd and March 1st. But, do you know where

Are you a fan of Gaudí’s work? The Sagrada Familia is with no doubts the most popular work of Gaudí and one of the most representative for Modernism worldwide. But, what do you know about the temple of Sagrada Familia? Did you know that Gaudí only was able to see finalized the first part of

Mapa turístico de Barcelona / Tourist Map of Barcelona. original walking tours of Barcelona

Popular wisdom tells us that all roads lead to Rome, why is it so? The Romans used to spend a lot of time walking, travelling by horse and carriages to conquer the empire and thanks to them, today we know the main roads, streets and routes of their former territory (a big part of the