Barcelona desde el aire - Barcelona from the air

Let’s go on an adventure. Does it sound good to you? In our blog, we’ve taken you on cycling tours, culinary tours, cultural routes, … on foot, exercising. But we had not taken you by air yet. Today, we hold your hand to let you see the city from a bird’s eye view. Discover Barcelona

Cala de Sa Futadera, mejores playas cataluña. Cala de Sa Futadera, best beaches in Catalonia

Today, at Hostemplo, we aim to feature a visual mini-report and go with you all over the best beaches of Catalonia. When visiting such an awesome city as Barcelona, there are more and more people willing to find out more about the region it belongs to. That’s why we go on tour through the best

Barcelona vista desde el puerto - Barcelona from the port view

Are you on holiday in Barcelona this summer? Are you from here and you will stay in town? Today, at Hostemplo, we bring you the best plans to make the most of your summer in Barcelona. Ready? JULY IN BARCELONA: SALA MONTJUÏC: Picture from Sala Montjüic Are you a movie-lover? We recommend you to visit

Top 5 Ice-cream shops of Barcelona

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 by
ochiai ice cream

Hi summer, hello ice cream! If you react the same way we do… this is the sweetest post of the season. Ice cream for everyone! Find out the 5 top ice-cream shops in Barcelona. Feel like it? SIRVENT: Walking along Sant Antoni, we find the new and renovated shop of the Sirvent family; it is

San Juan en Barcelona

The summer has officially arrived, but in Barcelona we wait until the legendary night of San Juan to properly welcome it. What are your plans for tonight? Have you heard of the legend? Today, at Hostemplo we tell you about the shortest night in the year. Join the celebration! THE VERBENA (party before a holiday):

The vermouth is the new cocktail. This fortified wine flavored with herbs and spices is the latest trend to go out on a bar route before lunch. Want to join the trend? Let’s go for vermouth in Barcelona, more precisely in Poble Sec, Sant Antoni and Sants. Come and find out the best bars to

Do you fancy going for a dance? You know we have plans of all kinds at Hostemplo. Today, as we already did last year , we bring you a proposal with the best festivals of Barcelona this season. Are you in? Let’s dance! TOP FESTIVALS: Last year we got a deeper insight into the most popular

Gaudí tour, walking around Barcelona!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 by
Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is Gaudí’s home town, and we have already shared some tips to gain a closer insight into the architect in our blog. Some examples are our article ‘Gaudí’s 9 wonders‘, and ‘The secrets of Sagrada Familia’. Today, we would like to surprise you with a pretty comprehensive tour. Let’s go for a walk, want

Places to work out outdoors in Barcelona

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 by
running barcelona

Easter is now over and, as every year, we get a ‘last call’ for the bikini challenge; summertime is round the corner and we are all willing to have selfies taken on the beach in our bikinis. Aren’t we right? No stress, today, at Hostemplo, we bring you some of the best spots to work

Plans for Easter in Barcelona

Friday, 31 March 2017 by

Holidays are coming! Easter approaches and so does the so much needed holiday break between Christmas and summer holidays. This year, we had four intense months all in one go, with no bank holidays in between (at least in Barcelona). So we do deserve a rest, don’t we? If you are planning to visit Barcelona


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