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Aparthotel Barcelona close to Sagrada Familia. Enjoy your holidays in the center of Barcelona city, in a relaxed and charming hotel.

You have to take very seriously your budget when planning a trip to Barcelona, especially when looking for a great apartment. Since this is a tourist town there are accommodation options for all budgets, visitors can truly find the perfect reasonably price. You can find a hostel, hotel or an aparthotel Barcelona that fits the budget.

Moreover, if the decision is made to stay in a Barcelona aparthotel you can get many benefits, and from there you can start to enjoy this incredible place and all its interesting cultural venues and entertainment.

Consider that some of the most impressive artistic attractions in the world are in Barcelona, and many of them far from the museums. One of the best known landmarks of this city is the temple of the Sagrada Familia, which has over a century of work and has not yet been completed, but has always captivated travelers with its exquisite, and in fact, those staying in Barcelona aparthotel can approach the temple every day while in the city.

Also, to stay in a Barcelona aparthotel is the perfect way to spend a family holiday with something like the warmth that can be found in your own home.

This type of accommodation has all items and elements of a traditional apartment, differs only because apartments are within a hotel.

So if the idea is not to spend too much on a visit to Barcelona, staying in an apartment is the ideal choice, since the apartments usually have their kitchen to avoid the expense of eating every day in restaurants wich means an expensive out of the budget.

In hotel barcelona suites you can also find all these luxuries you have at home, such as television and cable, comfortable beds and chairs, and appropriate and relevant service found only in a quality hotel.

So, you just landed in the best Aparthotel Barcelona, just visit our Hotel, where you will find more space than a hotel, recreation, central location and all the amenities needed for a pleasant stay in the city.

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08013 Barcelona
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08013 Barcelona
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T. +34 93 476 55 75
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